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New Martial Arts Football game that combines different codes of football and MMA (mixed martial arts) 5 starting players and 3 subs.  How do you score?  Throw the ball through the net, kick the ball through the net or pick up the person who has the ball and throw them through the net!!  Full body contact is allowed only the goalies are allowed to contact the head with the Brawler Bo (the Footbrawl Padded Stick). Special pads and safety equipment is in place for every Footbrawl match and training session keeping the injury rate under most other sports.  Most martial arts techniques are permitted so long as they are striking the padded areas.

Footbrawl “Full Contact Football”: Fight to Score, Fight to Survive

Footbrawl is the original martial arts game developed in Australia. Footbrawl has elements of Football (Gridiron, Rugby & Australian Rules), Basketball and Ice Hockey as well as all codes of Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Karate, judo, kung-fu, jui jitsu, BJJ, and Wrestling).Footbrawl has 10 players taking the field (5 per side) with 3 referees to control the action. The goalie on each team is equipped with “The Brawler BO” a specially designed padded weapon which can be used in attack or defence with safety.All players are padded with “Footbrawl” approved protective gear.Footbrawl gives the participants (Footbrawlers) the closest thing you can get to a multiple self defence situation(without the injuries) and gives the spectator unbelievable action with non stop thrills and spills. Footbrawl is totally unpredictable and brings out the best full contact action you will ever see.  Who will like Footbrawl? Football players, martial artists, anyone who like to see non stop action-Footbrawl just Rocks!! Footbrawl is the perfect training tool for security, military and police organisations.